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Write Your Damn Book - PDF Planner

Write Your Damn Book planner

Featuring the exact process I take my 1-1 clients through in my signature VIP Coaching programme, this planner is packed full of worksheets, tips and tools (along with a firm but loving nudge) to help you:

~ understand what your readers really want

~ get clear on your book idea

~ know exactly where to start (and how to keep going)

PLUS it features tips on publishing options, creating a persuasive proposal, and how to rock the rewrite stage.

If you’re a female entrepreneur ready to attract more clients, grow your business, and develop your position as an expert in your field by becoming an author, then this planner will help you nail your first draft AND know what to do next.


These ebook Mini-Guides are designed to help you get writing no matter what else is going on in your life...


9 story ideas in 9 days.jpg

Want to write but struggling to come up with an idea? Creativity is like a muscle, it needs strengthening and the best way to do that as a writer is to stop thinking and get writing. This mini-guide takes you through simple daily exercises to generate at least 9 story ideas over 9 days. If you want to write a novel, short story or screenplay then this little guide will help kickstart your creative writing and get you feeling inspired.

Plus, once you've chosen an idea to work on, you'll find 65 cool questions to help you create amazing characters. Because it's the characters that make your story memorable.


Writing Through The Darkness

Life can be hard sometimes, and when it's really tough it can feel as though nothing will help. Whether you're dealing with grief, heartbreak, despair or depression, the pain can feel all-consuming and suffocating. I know, I've been there.

There is a process to go through and it has no set timeline. We are all different. Our suffering is as individual as we are. But for me, there is one thing that has always helped me move through the darkness. Writing.

In this mini-guide I share 50 Journaling Prompts & 20 Writing Exercises that have personally helped me move through the darkness of grief and at other difficult times in my life.

I hope it helps you too xox


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