Reading about other people is a wonderful way to feel inspired. These are some of my favourite autobiographies and memoirs. Enjoy xox

Becoming by Michelle Obama - I closed out 2018 reading this on my travels around New Zealand and loved it. I had no idea what an accomplished woman Michelle was or the journey that she had on the way to the White House. An inspiring woman with much to teach us all about grace, dignity and working hard to fulfil your potential.

Up by Ben Fogle - I read this when my son was helping to lead an expedition to Everest Base Camp and the thing I loved most about it was hearing Ben’s wife talk about the difficulties of being the one at home waiting for news. This book is a very honest account of the emotional challenges of taking on a climb like Everest when you are also a father who is still coming to terms with the loss of a child.

Wild Swans by Jung Chang - a book that both educates and inspires as it shares the incredible story of three family members against the history of China in the 20th century. As breathtaking as it is heartbreaking.

Just a Little Run Around the World by Rosie Swale Pope - the remarkable story of 57-year old Rosie Swale Pope who set off across the world after her husband died of cancer.

For Tibet With Love by Isabel Losada - a beautiful look at whether an ordinary person can change the world even just a little bit. Poignant, inspiring, educational and full of the wit that characterises all of Isabel’s books - this is a real favourite of mine. Her other books are well worth reading too.