Jo Macdonald
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For me, editing is the ultimate form of word-weaving.  

It's like solving a puzzle, you have to find the perfect rhythm and flow,

the right word to use at the right time. 

And most importantly,

it's about making sure your writing sounds exactly like YOU...

but better!  




And that's exactly what I do for my clients.  


You focus on writing from the heart, on actually getting your voice out there, and forget about spelling and sentence structure - because that can be a total creativity killer.  

Just let your words flow, and let me worry about the rest - it's so much more fun that way!


'Knowing how attached writers can be to their words is one of the things that makes Jo so good. 

She was thoughtful in her editing and helped me see how a few simple changes could make all the difference to my work.

Her work is hugely intuitive,and she has a talent for taking something that is very precious to you and just making it sound like you,

but better'


~ Cora Darlington / Life Coach



My favourite clients are heart-led female coaches & creatives who are passionate about helping other people live a beautiful life.  I LOVE personal development, mindfulness, creativity, journaling, health & wellbeing, feminism, and am crazy about animals, so anything involving those areas gets me super-excited!  And being super-excited about your project means I'll be your cheerleader as well as editor - because life is better when we celebrate and support each other.


  • Blog Posts
  • Articles
  • Web Copy
  • Newsletters
  • Opt-ins
  • Ebooks
  • Book manuscripts (in full or single chapters)
  • Speeches / Presentations
  • TED Talks
  • Podcast Scripts


As your editor I'll:

  • check for basic spelling and grammar mistakes* 
  • ensure that your work flows properly and is easy to read
  • make any writing suggestions or changes necessary so that your piece is the best version of your work it can be
  • check for consistency of voice and style throughout so that it sounds like you (but better)
  • ensure that your writing is easy to read and gets your message across clearly and powerfully 

*Just a quick heads up for you: editing and proofreading are different skills, so for manuscripts I recommend using a proofreader once all the editing is completed, and before publishing. 


When we work together my priority is to help you get YOUR VOICE and YOUR WRITING out into the world.       


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