Could Your Money Mindset Sabotage Your Book's Success?

Could Your Money Mindset Sabotage Your Book's Success



It’s such an emotive subject isn’t it? 

Being the Brit girl that I am, I was raised to not talk about money – it’s just so vulgar darling!  Well, I’m calling bullsh*t on that one.  A whole lot of things would have been very different in my life if I’d had a single clue about money – making it and keeping it – and had had some serious conversations about my relationship with it! 

I’d love to be writing about how I’m now a whizz with money and have no hang-ups at all, but that would be a WHOPPING big lie, and that just isn’t me.  Instead I want to share that I’m working on it.  Very Actively!  And I’m making huge improvements.  I no longer think that I totally suck when it comes to money, rather that I am learning to embrace my quirks and heal my negative thinking.  Here’s is what I do know about money though, and books:

If you want to be a ‘successful’ writer (and, for the sake of this article, success = financial success) then you need to examine your relationship with money, because if you don’t you’re going to come unstuck.


And that means you could find that you:

  • Give away all your good stuff for free

  • Undercharge

  • Avoid submitting things to paid sites to help promote your book

  • And even that you hold back from mentioning you book altogether because you’ll feel as if ‘selling’ or ‘promoting’ is a total suck-fest


So, what is your relationship with money really like? 

Does it make you break out in a cold sweat?  Feel tense?  Uncomfortable?  Clueless? Does it slip through your fingers, disappearing faster than a politician’s campaign promises? 

Be really honest with yourself and write down your thoughts and beliefs about money. 

Now, ask yourself:

How many of those are old feelings tied to your past?  How many come from other people, like parents or partners? 

It’s amazing how we hang onto old stories about ourselves or take on other people’s thoughts and ideas about money, and then carry them around in our little bag of crap beliefs allowing them to hold us back and stop us from having financial success. 

If you want to be a successful writer then now is the time to start examining your beliefs about money.  Then let them go.  And yes, it’s hard work at first because, like Donald Trump, they just won’t get the message that they aren’t welcome.  However, once you let them go it makes space for better beliefs to step in.  Ones that allow you to receive abundance and stop sabotaging yourself.  And those beliefs could be the difference between a successful book and one that disappears without a trace. 


Instant Success Action:

What’s your relationship with money like?  Share below as your experiences could help inspire someone else to start working on their money relationship.  Then grab one of these two great books to help you heal your money blocks:

Denise Duffield Thomas - Get Rich Lucky Bitch!

Jen Sincero - You Are A Badass At Making Money