Walking Our Talk

Walking our Talk as Creatives

I’m in a serious, contemplative mood today. 

I went on Facebook and realised…

How Much Every One Moans!!!

And it made me think about how often we berate others, moan about the state of the world etc. and forget to focus on our own actions. It is so easy to focus our anger or frustration on politicians and those in charge of big businesses etc. and forget that we are all accountable in the end. 

When I forget to turn lights out, or don’t get around to eating leftovers which then have to be thrown out, or buy things from shops that don’t care if their products come from sweat shops or are tested on animals or full of harmful chemicals – when I do these things I am also to blame for the state of our world. 

When I don’t use my voice and speak up if I see injustice or cruel behaviour, when I don’t pay attention to politics and take the time to educate myself on what is happening in both local and national government and how to stop the things I don’t agree with - then I too am to blame for what is happening on both a national and global scale.

As writers we are in a unique position to walk our talk, to use our creativity to shine a light on things that need to be addressed.  Whether it is non-fiction or fiction, books are the perfect place to dissect ideas, to turn things upside down and examine them from new angles and help to empower others.  They are the place to discuss, to teach, to imagine.  And it feels more important than ever to put books out into the world that give a voice to those that don’t have one, to highlight issues that others seek to brush under the carpet and keep quiet, to share thoughts and ideas for being better and doing better; whether through direct teaching or creative story-telling. 

Now is the time for creators to remember their place in society and take up the fight for a better world.