Jo Macdonald
Jo Macdonald
Freelance Writer | Writing Coach

Hey lovely,

I'm Jo. 

A writer, editor, coach, and believer in

the magic of books & the power of words.




I'm a bookaholic, dog-loving word-nerd, married to a Kiwi, and mum to 3 (mostly) yummy kids (19, 17 & 12) who's always happiest by the water with her toes in the sand and a pen or book in hand.  I used to run, write for, and edit an online magazine for women called 'Loving Life After Forty'.  It was an amazing experience and I'm grateful for everything I learnt, and for the chance to connect with so many incredible women and share some powerful stories.  (You can find out why I shut up shop here).

I've been writing in one form or another ever since I can remember and have always been madly in love with stories.  I still get over-excited when I discover a new one I love - whether it's a book, play, or film.  Seriously, The Greatest Showman had me walking on air for weeks and telling everyone I know (and some I don't, sorry person waiting in line at the supermarket!) about how it encapsulated everything that is magical about story-telling (and, of course, Hugh Jackman). 

I truly believe that we can change the world through the magic of story-telling, whether we want to write non-fiction and share our ideas in captivating ways, pen the next bestseller, write amazing blog posts, or write an epic love story that lights up the big screen. 


Stories have the power to unite us, teach us, and transform our lives.    


I'm a writer and creative dreamer just like you. 

And like writing, my life has had shitty first drafts and stories that just didn't go quite the way I planned, but it is also a life full of cool plot twists and endless possibilities.  


I don't have all the answers but I do my best to show up at the page every day.  I make mistakes, have days when I'm walking on air because of a sentence I've written, and others where I'm convinced I'm the worst writer on the planet and should ditch it all and become a Llama Farmer.  I get stuck, I get scared, I procrastinate, just like all of us. 


But I keep showing up, because for me writing is like breathing.   


It's my addiction, and I'm not planning to give it up anytime soon.  My recipe for pure bliss = 1 x hammock, 1 x sandy beach & turquoise sea, plus 1 x notepad (and dog) to curl up with for several may also include Hugh Jackman, but sshhh, don't tell my husband!

I love journaling, reading, scribbling down stories, making endless lists, did I mention reading, and of course writing articles and books.  And along with all of that...I LOVE helping other women like you make their book-writing dreams a reality by working 1-1 with them to complete their first draft, and suppporting those who are already writing to bring their writing to life through the power of EDITING.

I'm commited to bringing you the best of what I know, do, and am still learning, via my blog posts and resources.  And above all, I want to help you stop dreaming and start writing. 


Will this be the year that you follow your writing dreams?   I hope so.

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Much love,


Jo xox