Jo Macdonald
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Hey lovely,

I'm Jo. 

A writer, editor, coach, and believer in

the magic of books & the power of words.




Here’s the short intro:

I'm a bookaholic, dog-loving word-nerd, married to a Kiwi, and mum to 3 (mostly) yummy kids (20, 18 & 13), always happiest by the water with my toes in the sand and a pen or book in hand.  I’m passionate about disrupting the outdated view on aging and helping women over 40 get their stories out into the world, in whatever way feels right to them.

As a freelance writer, coach, editor, founder of ‘Loving Life After Forty’, and a late-night novelist-in-training , I am officially a ‘multi-passionate’ person!

Originally from England, I’m currently based in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand (the 6th country I’ve been lucky enough to call home over the years). 

Please feel free to explore my website and enjoy the resources and articles on offer.  If you want help with your own writing goals head over here, and do feel free to get in touch.  If I don’t get back to you straight away it’s probably because I’m writing, loitering around a book store or eating gluten-free chocolate brownies somewhere.

Jo xox

Want to know more…

I'm a writer and creative dreamer just like you. 

And like writing, my life has had shitty first drafts and stories that just didn't go quite the way I planned, but it is also a life full of cool plot twists and endless possibilities.  


I've been writing in one form or another ever since I can remember and have always been madly in love with stories.  I still get over-excited when I discover a new one I love - whether it's a book, play, or film.  Seriously, The Greatest Showman had me walking on air for weeks and telling everyone I know (and some I don't, sorry person waiting in line at the supermarket!), about how it encapsulated everything that is magical about story-telling (and, of course, Hugh Jackman). 

I truly believe that we can change the world through the magic of story-telling, whether we want to write non-fiction and share our ideas in captivating ways, pen the next bestseller, write amazing blog posts, or write an epic love story that lights up the big screen. 


Stories have the power to unite us, teach us, and transform our lives.    

And, it is this belief that drives me to ensure that more women share their stories with the world. We have been woefully under-represented in the creative world (and many other areas of life) for too long, especially those of us over 40. I want to see this change.

women have the power to change the world one word at a time

Whether you want to impact millions of women or just one, I'm commited to helping you share your story by bringing you the best of what I know, do, and am still learning.  

Will this be the year that you share your story?   I hope so.

Why not check out my writing resources and if you want to get letters from me straight to your inbox then you can subscribe to my newsletter.


Much love,


Jo xox